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All about civil law

What concerns the validity of the signature?

Documents required to file a signature claim
1 – The claim document (original contract)
2- The original newspaper and four copies of it
3- A copy of the tax card for the lawyer
4- A copy of the plaintiff’s national ID card
5- A copy of the power of attorney
6 – Carnet picture
legal document
According to Article 14/1, 45, 46, 47
Article 14/1
The customary document shall be deemed to have been issued by the person who signed it, unless he expressly denies what is attributed to him in terms of handwriting, signature or fingerprint
Article 45:
A person who has an unofficial document may sue the person against whom that document testifies to acknowledge that it is by his handwriting, signature, stamp or fingerprint, even if the obligation contained in it is not due for performance, and this is based on an original claim by the usual procedures.
Article 46:
If the defendant attends and confesses, the court proves his acknowledgment and all the expenses will be borne by the plaintiff.
Article 47:
If the defendant did not appear, the court ruled in his absence that the handwriting, signature, stamp or fingerprint is correct, and the judgment may be appealed in all cases.

specialized court :
The district court in which the defendant’s domicile is located has jurisdiction

Proceedings of the lawsuit
1 – In the event that the defendant attends the first session and acknowledges the signature, the court ruled that the signature is valid, and after a month has passed since the judgment session, a copy of the judgment is extracted, and immediately after that, the documents (original contract) are extracted.
2- If the defendant did not attend at the first hearing, it was postponed for re-announcement and a re-announcement was made for him again.
3- If the defendant did not attend the first hearing or the second session, the court ruled in his absence that the signature, fingerprint, or stamp is valid, and after a month has passed since the judgment session, a copy of the judgment is extracted, after which a notification of the judgment is made, and after forty days from the date of the announcement of the judgment, the judgment is extracted A certificate that no appeal occurred, and the documents deposited in the case are extracted (original contract)

Delivery claim

There is a property that contains residential apartments, rent apartments, empty apartments and sold apartments, and it was agreed in the contract to buy in the condition in which it was agreed in the contract on a date for delivery and on the date set for delivery. The seller refused to hand over the property to the buyer.
Q/ What is the solution to receiving the property despite the seller’s refusal to deliver the entire property to the buyer?
C / filing a case for extradition
Article 43, paragraph 6 of the Pleadings Law stipulates, “The plaintiff in the extradition lawsuit must notify the owners and owners of the property and those who have rights over it before filing it or during its filing with a paper from the bailiffs’ papers in order to reach their knowledge of that lawsuit so that they can enter into the lawsuit and express their opinion and defense and maintain on their rights”
This is due to the existence of fictitious extradition cases for the usurpation of any property, especially the protection of the rights of others through this article.
This condition is not a condition for accepting the case, but rather a condition for accepting the consideration and adjudication of the subject matter of the case.
• In the event that this request or announcement was not sent to the residents of the property, whether holders or owners, before starting the lawsuit, or the lawsuit was filed and the pleadings were not closed, you have the right to send this advertisement to make your lawsuit true, sound and complete with the terms and procedures and to make everything that has the right to interfere And expressing any defense or opinion of it is possible as long as you have a right and want to achieve justice and receive the property.

Donation by paying the price of the contract between the father and the minor son

This sale was made for a cash price of 1,000,000 pounds, only one million Egyptian pounds, and the full price was paid by the mother who made the donation by paying the full price.
It is permissible when buying an apartment in installments. The most important need is possession = receipt and registration of the contract while preserving the right of privilege.
And the right of concession = what is the contract is registered with preserving the right of concession that the apartment is sold from the seller to the buyer and that there are amounts of money remaining from the price of the unit and that he is not entitled to sell the apartment or housing unit sold except after paying the full price and after paying the full installments and then the Write-off of the franchise with the approval of the seller.

Regarding the price clause in the contract of sale to a minor
This sale was made in exchange for a cash price of ………….

The steps required to look for when buying an apartment, studio or land?

• Does the apartment have problems?
• Does the apartment have an enabling decision or not? (for marital problems)
• Is the person selling the apartment the owner or not?
• Is it necessary to conduct an investigation before buying an apartment, property or studio?
• Question the neighbors when the owner of the apartment?
• Searching the ownership sequence + making a real estate transaction certificate on the entire plot?
• Comparing the contract with the notifications of the heirs, in the case of purchase from heirs, to prove whether the property is in their name all or something else?
• Question about real estate taxes and the electricity, water and natural gas company

Q/ It is said that the contract of sale issued with installments prevents the buyer from selling, meaning that so-and-so has a property that he sold to a person and this person took the property loaded with a right of lien or installments. Is it permissible for the buyer of this property to sell and what is the ruling on this sale? Is the sale invalid or true And if the property that was purchased with installments is sold, whether it is an apartment or whatever, is the person who made the purchase considered the possessor and the buyer of this property loaded with installments? And that the property has a lien right in which installments mean that the buyer has disposed of the property and is loaded with these installments. Is this sale correct or not?
Is the person with the franchise right who is the owner of the installments that has the basic money, can he return to the seller and not return to the new buyer from his sponsor and not return to the holder?

Civil legal information

Supplementing the price is for an apartment with installments that has been filed. Will the case be transferred to annulment for non-payment of the full price by amending the requests from the price supplement to the termination of the contract? Is it permissible or not?
Is it permissible to amend the requests from the price supplement to the annulment?
The difference in the statute of limitations in the lawsuit and the fall of the right to file a lawsuit?
The two are one, and he is only 15, fifteen years old.
The difference in the technical statute of limitations is calculated from the date of the last valid procedure, meaning the calculation of 15 years, which is the long statute of limitations from the date of the last valid procedure.
As for the forfeiture of the right to file a lawsuit, it is calculated from the date of the last valid procedure, this procedure must be correct and complete.